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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Whew, we made it

After driving, driving, driving we finally made it back to Colorado. The trip was long, windy, rainy, shiny, tiring, boring, and sometimes snowy but we eventually we made it home. Annabelle was charming, and was mostly awake and playful for the drive. Troy got go enter a state he had never been to...Nevada. Woo Hoo! His life is complete!

So, all in all, we are safe, sound, happy, and REALLY glad to be home.
Thanks for all of your warm thoughts!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Heading Out Soon

Troy arrived in San Jose safely on Wednesday night. We enjoyed a fun day at the beach yesterday, and will be starting our trip back to Denver tomorrow. We will go to Truckee tomorrow, then as far as we can make it on Sunday, then the rest of the way on Monday. Wish us luck and safe travels.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Beach Camping

This weekend we went camping at the beach. Living in San Jose, my parents are about 45 minutes from the beach. We took my parents van and went to Half Moon Bay for saturday night. Dad drove his motorcycle and mom and I drove the van. The van sleeps 4, and we had 3 adults, a baby and 2 dogs. Whew! Mom and I toured the shops in Half Moon Bay, which is unlike us. We had a seafood lunch on an outdoor patio. We walked on the beach, Annabelles first time seeing the ocean, she was pretty happy about that. Then we had some nice dinner, and I read for awile and we hit the hay. I slept on the top section of the van with Annabelle and we were lulled to sleep by the sound of crashing waves. In the morning dad took off to drive back on his motorcycle and mom and I meandered our way down the coast an eventually back to San Jose. We had an awesome picnic lunch on a bench overlooking the ocean in Santa Cruz. While sitting on the bench having lunch Annabelle was in my arms and a bird pooped on her head. It was hilarious!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ode to the Yellow Sleeper

A sad day has arrived. Annabelle has outgrown the infamous yellow sleeper. We received a yellow sleeper as a gift from a friend at my moms work and Annabelle has worn it for about 60% of her life to date. It is from Nordstroms (I know...High end!) and it has a hood, and a zipper and it is suuuuper easy to put on and take off, and it's just the right thickness. I just loved it, and always thought it was the absolute PERFECT outfit. Well, she has outgrown it. This is really the first clothing item she has outgrown. It's hard to see that she is growing up when I can't really tell because I see her all day every day.
I loved the sleeper so much that I went and purchased one at Nordstroms in the next pink. I paid $20, which is WAY too much, but it was splurge. I hope it is worth it.

Ode to the sleeper:

Ooh, yellow sleeper,
you were the best,
you fit my baby,
from birth through her best,
We loved you dearly,
but it's time to go,
for she has outgrown you,
and we have replaced you,
forever we will keep you,
to remember her size,
and her tiny brown eyes,
we love you yellow sleeper.

And here is ther new pink sleeper:

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Safe and Sound

I arrived here in San Jose safe and sound. The drive didn't feel very long because I had Marla, my Mother in law with me and we did lots of chatting. Annabelle was great on the trip, she nursed like a champ, and slept a lot. We stayed with my grandparents the first night and Annabelle was great, barely a peep the entire night. The second night I stayed in Truckee with Marla and Roger and she was a little fussy, waking up every two hours. I made it to my parents in great time on Wednesday morning, although it rained most of the drive.

I have been having a grand time with my parents, I am so lucky to be a stay at home mama. This opportunity is priceless. Mom and dad love seeing Annabelle, and their new puppy, while she is a terror, is quite cute. She has been trying to jump up and get Annabelles feet...not good!

I hope everyone is well, and I will write more and post a pic or two later.