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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Toooooo Cute!

I just can't believe how cute she is. These were taken last night after her bath. She is such a happy little girl!

First Swim

While Annabelle and I were back in Cali attending Ed's funeral we went to the YMCA pool. My mom, Annie and I were hot hot hot, so we went for a dip. Annabelle did great in the water, even when Grandma Helen let her walk off a step and dunked her [Bad Grandma]! No crying, just a very stunned baby. We stayed in for about 30 minutes and she enjoyed splashing the water with her hands and kicking her legs wildly. Here are a few pics.

Rifle Falls Camping Trip

We spent the weekend of May 12-14 camping at Rifle Falls State Park. Friday afternoon I packed up the car and as soon as Troy got home at 3:30 we hit the road. It took us about 3 hours to get to Rifle Falls State Park. I had reserved walk-in campsite #18. We parked in a community lot and they had pull carts waiting for us to dump our stuff into and drag to our site. #18 was a true gem. We couldn't see any other campers from our site and the creek ran right near our site. There was a great spot for our tent in a grassy section and we had a wonderful picnic table and fire ring. We pitched camp and took a stroll around the campground and then hit the hay...or actually the Mountain Hardware Sleeping Pad. Annabelle did great in the tent, she slept just like normal, nursed like normal, it all seemed very NORMAL to her!
Saturday we woke up, had an awesome breakfast of egg scramble, bacon, and hot cocoa. Then we took off for a hike up to Rifle Falls and to explore Rifle Caves. The falls were awesome and the caves were cool...literally. We had a great hike that ended with a nice stroll along the stream that had just tumbled over the caves. We had lunch in camp and tinkered around during Annabelle's nap. I made Brownies on my new cook-top oven which I LOVE!!! After Annie woke up we let her play in the grass for awhile, then we took another hike up past the falls, and bought some firewood. We then settled in for the evening, made dinner, hung out by the fire, got sleepy and eventually headed to bed. Sunday morning we packed up and headed out after another tasty breakfast. All in all it was an awesome, relaxing, fun first camping trip with Annie. She is a born camper and I'm sure we can look forward to many more trips together!
Here are a few pics of the trip.

Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm baaaaccccckkkk!

Helloohh all! So sorry I haven't been posting lately. Things have been busy and I haven't felt like digressing about life. But I'm chipper now and back to talking about myself :).
Well, we had a nice week in California, even though the circumstances were not good. We helped out with Ed's funeral and provided support to Lynn, his wife. Micky, his daughter has grown a ton and is quite the live wire. She really enjoys cartoon network and the playstation! We all walked to Sweet Retreat to get ice cream one night and Micky decided to go in her pajamas (the ones with feet). It reminded me a lot of something I would do (or did do) when I was 13.
We also had a camping trip while I was a non-blogger. I will post lots of pictures to catch up!
All in all things are well, the house still hasn't sold. We broke the contract with our realtor and will be searching for a new realtor next week. Hopefully some new blood will be what we need to sell the house!