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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Holy Batman

An offer has been made on our house!!!
We got an offer today from a couple that looked at it on Tuesday. We just signed the paperwork for a counter-offer. It's not pretty, but we may just get out of our house trap! It will take major bleeding of our assets and a generous line of credit from our Wieck parents, but my job as a stay at home mama will not be compromised. Thank the world!
We switched realtors at the end of May, and it turns out that the first people to see the house under the new realtor are the ones that put in the offer. I feel bad for the old realtor (bad luck) but we are so totally happy to FINALLY have an offer. Funny, if the offer is successful and turns into a contract on the house, then our closing date will be the same day as we closed when we BOUGHT the house 3 years ago. Crazy!
We have the apartment that we will move into narrowed down to two different complexes. We will go take a look at both of them Saturday.
If everything goes well we will be moving into our new place somewhere between June 27th and July1!


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