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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Battery, Battery, Where is the Battery

So, I keep meaning to post some pictures, but I can't find the battery charger for my digital camera. It's in a box...some the office...not sure where? Tomorrow Troy has vowed to help me find it, so I should have some pictures up Friday.
Annabelle update: She is officially crawling, and boy can she move. This is not because she is smarter than any other babies (inside joke), it's just the right time for her. She is a huge fan of electrical cords and will bee-line straight for them. She has taken to chasing the dog and cat around the house, much to their distaste. She is also pulling up on everything. Her favorite things to pull up on are:
  • Me - using my hair - ouch!
  • The coffee table - where she will fall and bump her head on the way down
  • The windowsill
  • Troys legs - including leg hair
  • The pillows on the bed
She and I have been taking Infant swim classes. We are working on having her float on her back, float on her tummy, blow her bubbles, and swim with the fishes (go get dunked). When we first started the classes she was very bold, but in the last week she has become very clingy and just wants to float around, sing songs, suck on her paci and stay very close to my body. The teacher says this is very normal, so we are just going to ride with it. Today in class we were playing a game with a beach ball and Annabelle was petrified of it, every time it came towards her she balled. Poor Thing. I think that her two bottom teeth will be arriving any day now. She has two big teeth bumps on the top of her gums, and two corresponding bumps on the front of her gums, so any moment I expect those buggers to poke through. Here is a picture that her grandma Marla took of her just before she started crawling.


  • wow! now that she's officially mobile, the fun really begins. ;) and what? she's not the smartest baby ever? ;oP
    cute pic, looking fwd to more. hope u can find that charger.
    that's great about the swimming classes. we might get ava in some this fall/winter. i kinda wish i would've started that sooner.

    By Blogger amygeekgrl, at 11:02 PM  

  • I really recommend the swim classes. Some days Annabelle likes it, and other days she doesn't but it's great to see her get familiar with the water!

    By Blogger SonjaOutdoorMama, at 9:29 PM  

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