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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Utah Opera Festival

This weekend we took a little vacation to Utah to attend the Utah Opera Festival in Logan, Utah. My grandparents (moms side) have been attending this opera festival for 13 years now and last year my mom and I joined them. I had such a blast and lucky for me grandparents invited me back again this year. Troy, Annie, my mom and I decided to go so that someone could stay in the hotel with Annie during each Opera. I attended:
  • Man of La Mancha (with Troy)
  • La Boheme (with Troy)
  • The Music Man (with Mom)
My mom and Troy went to The Marriage of Figaro (while I stayed with Annie). My favorite was Man of La Mancha, it was funny, yet sad. The man who runs the opera festival (Michael Ballam) played Don Quixote and he was AMAZING! It is rare for him to take a role, so this was a special treat. All the operas were wonderful, and our seats were perfect. I can't wait for next year!
On Friday before the operas started we went to the University in Logan and had home-made ice cream (Aggie ice cream). It was very decadent.
On Saturday we went to the Logan farmers market. Last year mom, grandma and I just happened upon the market and it was one of the BEST farmers markets I've ever been to. This year was wonderful as well. The whole town knows each other, and the market is a friendly place where you get a taste of the community. There are lots of moms there selling homemade crafts for affordable prices and it's nice to be able to support their cause. I bought more raspberries than Troy thought I could eat (which I finished easily).
Sunday my mom woke up with Annabelle and took her on a walk and to breakfast while Troy and I slept in until 10:30. It was the best treat EVER. I felt truly rested for the first time in a year (and now I am up late writing this blog...great). My mom is sooooo good with Annie and she just loves hanging out with her grandma. I am so thankful for such a wonderful mother, I know she was just as good with me as she is with Annie, and for that I am really lucky!
We had a hectic day of travel back home. We had to drive an hour to the airport in Salt Lake, return the rental car, our flight was delayed, so we missed our bus in Denver, got on the next bus which took an hour to get home, then we turned around and went and picked up our puppy from some friends house about 30 minutes away. Long day, and I should hit the hay!
Here are a few pics my grandpa took of Annie at the farmers market.


  • Sounds like an excellent weekend! "Man of La Mancha" is one of my favourites!

    By Anonymous Doctor No, at 10:09 AM  

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