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Friday, October 13, 2006

September at the Cabin

My grandparents came out to Colorado for most of the month of September to visit and spend some time up at the cabin. I wish I could say that we did TONS of things while there, but we didn't. We spent about 3 weeks there, with Troy coming up on the weekends, and taking a few fridays/mondays off to extend his stay. We did most of our shopping before we left (at Costco...thank you grandparents), and then Troy would bring up groceries when he drove up. So, we really didn't have much need to leave the immediate area of the cabin. We were on constant Moose hunt and we saw many of them while we were there, including several families and a few babies (Awwwww). I did a lot of reading (I will post book reviews), and also did a lot of cooking. Most my time was spent being a mama to Annabelle and watching her grow in a slower, calmer atmosphere. We took many walks, around the property and the neighborhood. We got to know our neighbors (the Turners) a bit better...they are wonderful welcoming people. The last week my friend Michelle came to visit with her baby Sam, and it was awesome to watch the two kids interact daily. It made me realize that Annabelle is going to be a wonderful big sister...if things ever come to that. Here are a few pics of our stay (Michelle took these...i will post some that grandpa took as soon as I can find his email with them):


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