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Friday, October 13, 2006

What to Eat

What to Eat, by Marion Nestle! Awesome, awesome book. Marion also wrote "Food Politics" and you can find her website here. This book travels aisle by aisle through the supermarket telling you how bad (and how good) everything is. It's a huge book! It spans produce, meat, dairy, fish, cereal, baby food, oil, you name it. Troy and I both read this book. It's the nitty gritty truth on why organics are better and why cereal boxes are allowed to call their cereal "Heart Healthy". The politics behind the supermarket, including why all the items you need are always so far from the front door, was hard to hear. We are all numbers, how much crap can they sell us??? That's the game. Troy and I have become much wiser shoppers and we now like to point out the advertising ploys. However, reading this book has made it pretty impossible for us to step into a Safeway or Kind Soopers, we get very frustrated (once you know their game, you don't want to play it anymore). This book and this book alone was the deciding factor for Troy and I to revamp our eating habits. We now realize that we can vote with our dollar when it comes to purchasing our food...we like that!


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